Why Use Autocad Blocks?

By definition, Autocad blocks are essentially a collection of different elements combined together under a single element with a name assigned to it and a base point (also called Insertion Point).

Blocks are not the same as Group elements in Autocad. Grouping elements allows you to modify the group (modify means: move, copy, rotate, scale, mirror .. etc) but if you change the look of a group it will not reflect into another copy of the group.

Blocks on the other hand, if you have multiple copies of the same block in a drawing and you modify it, the changes will reflect on all the blocks with the same name - see the example below:

3 Copies of the same sofa block before applying a change.
3 Copies of the same sofa block after applying a change.

Using blocks allows you to quickly modify a collection of different blocks you have across the same drawing efficiently instead of finding the elements one by one and applying the modification.

Autocad by default has few libraries that comes with it. You can access these CAD libraries on Windows by typing Tool+Enter and it will open a window that has all the blocks.

For Mac users, Autocad blocks libraries can be found on the right side of the interface:

Autocad LT - Mac Screenshot | Blocks Tab

Then below the Blocks tab button, click on the far right icon to see the libraries:

Autocad LT - Mac Screenshot | Blocks Tab - Libraries Icon

Under the Libraries icon, you will find a list that says Annotation - Imperial - click on it to expand the list and see the different libraries available:

Autocad LT - Mac Screenshot | Blocks Tab - Libraries Icon - List Of Available CAD libraries

Autocad blocks are not only a bunch of lines put together, you can include text elements as well similar to the screenshot below:

Additionally, not only you can have text inside the block, you can even add a function called "attribute" which allows you to change the text inside this block - for example, to say instead of "range" say "range-24" to note the width of this block.

Finally, there are Dynamic Blocks. Dynamic blocks are some of the coolest blocks in Autocad because they have "modifying actions" assigned to them. For example, you can adjust the width of a block or the height of it using handles similar to the video below:

Want to save even more time using Autocad blocks? instead of drawing or creating blocks on your own, you can download a collection of standard Autocad blocks from the internet.

In this blog post, I wrote about 5 different websites that allow you to download Autocad blocks for free.

Additionally, if you head to Jay Cad Store page, you can download our collection of free blocks to get to see what blocks we offer here!

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