How to Use an Autocad Library

So you just got yourself an Autocad library of blocks - congrats! You just saved yourself hours of work and on your way to being more productive drawing and designing your project.

FYI: this blog post is using screenshots from Autocad LT For Mac but the same instructions work for Autocad on Windows OS.

So what to do with the CAD library? The simplest way to work with it is to open it and start copying & pasting.

Jay Cad | Free CAD Blocks Collection

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After opening the library, simply select one of the blocks you want to use in your drawing, and then right-click on it -> Clipboard -> Copy:

If you are a Shortcuts kind of person, simply use "Ctrl + C" or "Cmd + C"

Once the block is copied to the clipboard, head to your drawing or project and right-click in the area where you want to place the block you just copied -> Clipboard -> Paste:

You will see there's an option to paste it as a block but that won't be necessary since the object is a block already.

Once you choose Paste, the Block now will be ready to be placed:

That was it!

You can even select all the blocks in a particular library and copy & paste in your drawing or project.

If you want to be even more efficient, consider adding the library to your Library tab in Autocad.

Not sure where that is? Read our blog post on how to add a library to Autocad Libraries

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