50 Autocad LT Shortcuts You Should Know

If you are reading this blog post, that probably means you are trying to be more efficient using Autocad, save time using shortcuts, and looking like a pro if someone is watching you work.

You came to the right place! I will share with you my top 50 Autocad shortcuts that I use all the time.

These shortcuts work for both Autocad - Windows version & Autocad - Mac version. I tried them all and promise they work.

File Commands (For both Windows & Mac Users)

New drawing: Ctrl + N

Save: Ctrl + S

Save As: Ctrl + Shift + S

Print: Ctrl + P

Undo: Ctrl + Z

Navigation Commands (the ones that matter):

Zoom: Z

Pan: P

Drawing Commands:

Polyline: P + L

Circle: C

Arc: A

Ellipse: E + L

Spline: S + P + L

Ray: R + A + Y (the hardest one)

Hatch: H

Revision Cloud: R + E + V + C

Modifying Commands:

Move: M

Copy: C + O

Rotate: R + O

Offset: O

Mirror: M + I

Trim: T + R

Extend: E + X

Array: A + R

Join: J

Explode: X

Break: B + R

Scale: S

Block Commands:

Block: B

Block Edit: B + E

Block Insert: I

Text Commands:

Text: T

Text Edit: T + E

Dimension Commands:

Dimension Linear: D + I + M + L + I+ N

Dimension Aligned: D + I + M + A + L

Cleaning Commands:

Overkill: O + V + E + R

Purge: P + U + R

Fuuf! That makes the list - not sure if that's exactly 50 commands but well, these are definitely the main commands you should definitely use all the time.

Did you know you can customize the shortcuts in Autocad? You can head to "Alias Edit" to do just that!

I will share a blog post later on how to do shortcut customization in Autocad.


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